An island bubbling with ideas and initiative

Ærø has 6,000 inhabitants, each with their own story and connection to the island. Some have just arrived, and others have taken their first steps in the small cobblestone streets. What we all share is the connection we feel to the place where we live. The sense of ownership we have for developing the small community, and most importantly, the desire to do it together and be part of the community that is so characteristic of the island. These small communities harbor passionate individuals who, with enthusiasm in their eyes, are always coming up with new ideas and creating.

THE nature

Nature is the backdrop to everything. Nature is just right there, all around. It shows us both the calm, the beauty, and the power. Nature is filled with impressions, colors, and energy, which becomes an indispensable part of life and a privilege that will never be taken for granted.

The sea

The ferry ride across the strait disconnects us from the life we had become accustomed to, where a fixed gaze on the distant goal kept us from noticing the opportunities that showed up, right next to our path. "A small journey that takes exactly the time it takes for the sea that surrounds you to make you feel how presence gives time and space to be right where you are.

The island and its history

Ærø offers experiences for everyone - whether you want to find the places where time has turned characteristic, beautiful houses, harbors, and views into popular spots or if you follow your own way, sit down, and listen to the locals, experience their hospitality and the desire to share. Hear the captivating stories about life lived, dreams, destinies, and the determination that has been so crucial for the small island throughout the ages. These stories are now reflected in the tales hidden within the old ships, the beautiful buildings, and proud piers, and are left as a sparkle in the eyes of those who tell them.

Experience life on ærø

Ærø is a very special island. We are grateful that it provides the framework for our lives, and we are pleased to welcome you and show you our way into the small community and our little piece of the beautiful nature. We are happy to provide local tips and recommendations, but we also leave it to you to explore on your own.