A tale of dedication and will

The construction of the circus wagon hides decades of stories. Stories of a life lived with dedication and the will to practice, practice, practice. When you close your eyes, you can almost feel the butterflies in your stomach as the artist holds her breath before stepping into the ring, climbing high under the colorful circus tent. In moments of daring and fearlessness to delight thousands of amazed children and adults, she throws herself...

Photo: Mali Lazell

An adventurous retreat

You can still sense it when you step into the circus wagon. Driven by dreams, it has been transformed into a magical and luxurious retreat. A unique get-away for those who wish to experience how silence, art, and the history hidden in the arched ceilings together create an atmosphere that calms the body and makes thoughts take off and fly. With somersaults and antics.

Photo: Mali Lazell

Stay in the heart of nature

The circus wagon on Ærø has been completely renovated into a simple and stylish accommodation, equipped with everything you need. It’s located undisturbed in the beautiful nature of Ærø, right where the forest turns into fields, and where the view unfolds before your eyes.

Photo: Mali Lazell

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